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Profiling Your Best Mobile Customers

A Picture Of European Mobile-Savvy Users

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    iPhone users, despite being the heaviest users of mobile services, are only a subset of your customer base. Forrester's data shows that they represent just 2% of the European mobile population. A much larger near- and medium-term opportunity exists within other groups — particularly among young consumers, business users, and consumers with flat-rate data plans — as well as, increasingly, with new, competing smartphone platforms. In fact, if you're not targeting them, you're neglecting the majority of your customer base — including many consumers who are mobile-savvy but don't have an iPhone. It is key for companies defining new mobile products and services to better profile their own audiences. Identifying your own mobile-savvy users and how they behave on other channels and consume other media is a critical step in defining your portfolio of mobile products and services and in engaging with your customers via mobile devices.
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    • There Are Consumer Mobile Opportunities Beyond The iPhone!
    • Match Your New Mobile Services With Diverse And Evolving Mobile Audiences

      Closely Monitor The Evolution Of Mobile Consumers' Profiles
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      iPhone Users Lead The Pack . . .

    • Models & Calculators:

      . . . But Weekly Usage Of Mobile Services Is Taking Off Among Other Groups

    • Models & Calculators:

      Ninety-Six Percent Of European 16- To 24-Year-Olds Do Not Own An iPhone

    • Models & Calculators:

      At The Very Minimum, Know The Profile Of The Mobile-Savvy Users You Are Targeting