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Psion Embraces Intercompany Collaboration As A Core Part Of Its Business

Social Software Plugs Partners And Customers Into The Product Development Process

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    Psion, a manufacturer of ruggedized handheld devices, has made intercompany collaboration core to its business. Psion CEO John Conoley and CMO Nick Eades have partnered in recent years to turn around what was an £8.8 million operating loss and a 0.2% decline in revenue in 2008. Part of their solution was to build a community called "IngenuityWorking" to help improve product performance, innovation, support, and marketing. Launched in 2010, it brings together Psion's employees, partners, and customers. Unlike many such efforts, this community has seen high growth and has helped build fruitful business relationships in Psion's partner ecosystem. To follow in Psion's footsteps, content and collaboration (C&C) professionals must align initiatives to the company's core values.
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    • Psion: A Company Needing A New Way To Engage With The Market

      Use A Whole-Company Approach To Guide Intercompany Collaboration
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