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Put Guardrails In Place To Drive Cloud Success

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    Today it is no longer a question of when IT will align with business leaders but how. Cloud computing has emerged as one of the most significant game-changers to hit the technology landscape in the past 20 years, and cloud services are designed to be directly consumed by business leaders, developers, and consumers, and thus your company's employees are bringing them into the business and using them for business purposes whether you like it or not. IT can't turn a blind eye to this nor stop it. And no, by building a private cloud you won't halt this trend. What you can do, however, is proactively engage these empowered employees about how to choose and use these services in a manner that protects the company's interests and responsibilities. This report shows CIOs working on cloud computing how to craft a successful cloud policy that lays down a collection of guardrails to drive cloud success that the business can easily follow.
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