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Q&A: By 2011, CIOs Must Answer The Question, "Why Not Run In The Cloud?"

But Finding A Good Place To Start Is A Challenge For Most Shops

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    At Forrester's IT Forum in Las Vegas in May 2009, we hosted an analyst panel about saving, making, and risking cash with cloud computing. The session sparked a lot of interest — and a lot of questions. With the buzz still strong, and a few more months of experience under all of our belts, we address the major questions that a CIO or other senior IT professional might have, including "What are the benefits and risks of cloud computing?" and "How should we get started with cloud computing?"
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    • 1. What is cloud computing?
    • 2. How is cloud computing different from hosting and outsourcing?
    • 3. Why has cloud computing emerged now?
    • 4. What are the benefits of cloud computing?
    • 5. What are the risks of cloud computing?
    • 6. What workloads should we run in the cloud today? What shouldn't we run in the cloud?
    • 7. Should we move to a private cloud as a steppingstone to the public cloud?
    • 8. What three questions should we ask a cloud computing provider?
    • 9. How should we get started with cloud computing?