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Q&A: Cyberinsurance Fundamentals For Security And Risk Professionals

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    The cyberinsurance market has existed for longer than most would guess. In fact, insurance companies wrote the first cyberinsurance policies more than a decade ago. Since cyberinsurance first emerged in the late '90s, the number of policies, the scope of those policies, and the number of insurers offering these policies have all significantly increased. Due to recent changes in regulations and heightened awareness and concern over the exponential rise in security breaches at an executive level, many security and risk professionals have begun to consider these policies as a viable risk transfer mechanism. Forrester has received numerous inquiries on cyberinsurance in the past year, and with input from The Hartford, Marsh, and other vendors and clients, this report provides answers to the most common questions.

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    • 1. What are the types of policies and what do they cover?
    • 2. How do I select a policy? What should I look for in a policy?
    • 3. What are the factors driving interest and adoption of cyberinsurance?
    • 4. Should I buy cyberinsurance?