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Reach Real Global B2B Tech Audiences With Virtual Events – A Social Computing Report

New Tools And Best Practices For B2B Marketing Beyond Borders

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    The downturn is turning out to be a double whammy for tech marketers. Budget cuts and a significant drop in the effectiveness of tried-and-true tools, like trade shows, make calls to reach wider audiences through traditional marketing activities problematic. On the other hand, current requirements, such as the drive to do more with less, have created the (almost) perfect storm for social media. New social trends and tools provide new opportunities for technology marketers. The challenge is how to use them effectively. Innovative tech marketers are reaching their audiences virtually through virtual events. Virtual events are not the same as virtual worlds, and they are not Web conferencing. Virtual events are a rich, interactive, and multifaceted marketing tool that are as complex (and daunting) as they are valuable. Fortunately, new virtual events platforms can help tech marketers reach new audiences effectively— if the events are done right.
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    • B2B Marketers Face Challenges Reaching Audiences: Trade Shows? Out!
    • New Marketing Tools Are Entering The Mainstream: Virtual Events? In!
    • Going Global Virtually Brings Real Advantages — If You Do The Events Right

      Plan For An Extended Virtual Audience To Ensure Real Global Success
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