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Reboot Your Organization For Modern Marketing

Use A Marketing Operating System Approach To Reconstruct Your Marketing Organization

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    Hierarchical and channel-obsessed marketing organizational structures do not effectively support the customer-obsessed approach that Forrester believes will help firms win, serve, and retain empowered customers. CMOs must shift their organizational design from product-centric or channel-centric models to a structure crafted to best serve the whole customer, whether they define it at the account level or in service of individuals. This report is an update to "Reboot Your Organization For Modern Marketing," originally published on May 6, 2014, which introduced CMOs to the concept of a marketing operating system, an organizational framework that will permit CMOs to develop more flexible and more customer-aware marketing teams.
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    • Siloed Marketing Doesn't Work In The Age Of The Customer
    • The Marketing Operating System Will Define Future Organizations
    • Installing A Marketing Operating System Is Hard Work

      A New Marketing Operating System Needs Careful Change Management
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