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Recruitment Aligns With Talent Management

A Mature Market Is Evolving Toward Broader HRM Offerings

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    Business leaders know that recruiting top talent is a corporative imperative. After hiring, new talent must be skillfully managed through onboarding, performance goals and evaluation, learning, succession opportunities, career development, and variable compensation. Companies increasingly look toward vendors that provide some or all of these solutions. Recruitment vendors know that even with today's recruiting growth rate prediction of 8%, future growth depends on integrating broader talent processes through a talent management suite. Recruitment vendor consolidation, movement toward talent management, and emergence of social recruiting tools characterize the market today.
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    • Recruitment: In The Throes Of Change
    • The Recruitment Management Application Footprint Is Broadening
    • Market Growth Rates Are Strong For The Recruiting Segment
    • Recruitment Leverages Advanced And Emerging Technologies

      Focus Recruiting Strategies On Optimizing Candidate Relationships
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