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Requirements Tools Market Overview, Q2 2010

The Market Expands And Diversifies To Address Diverse Problems

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    The requirements tools market has expanded and diversified as the business problems that compel teams to consider adopting a requirements tool have multiplied and intensified. Gone are the days in which "requirements tool" meant a complex, arcane tool useful only to a single, narrowly defined niche market. However, the complexities of implementation — organizations may face similar problems but address them very differently — lead to widely varying tool choices. Selecting a requirements tool is an exercise in clearly defining the problem to be solved, depicting what the solution will look like, and then identifying the tools that might help. At the end of this implementation, the maturity of the requirements content is a measure of success that all organizations can use, no matter how different their problems and solutions may be.
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    • The Requirements Tools Market Grows Up Fast
    • When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get . . . Something?
    • Business Problems Define The Tools
    • Outcomes, Not Capabilities, Determine Your Requirements Strategy

      Requirements Vendors, Pick Your Value Proposition
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      Requirements Maturity Is The Best Measure Of Success