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Reset On Big Data

Embrace Big Data To Engage Customers At Scale

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    Big data rhetoric is at an all-time high. The media is all over the map with its points of view and technology vendors tout products with claims that seem incredible. In the midst of this din, CIOs and their staffs continue to make plans for big data technologies like Hadoop, yet business leaders remain confused. All this commotion misses the broader trend — in the age of the customer, leading firms will learn how to use more data available to win, serve, and retain increasingly powerful customers. As practices and technologies unlock even more insight from more data, new opportunities and challenges will emerge that most firms won't be prepared for. This report examines the big role big data plays in the age of the customer and defines big data in a way that's actionable. It will help CIOs get in front of the most important big data-enabled business opportunities and navigate their complex challenges.
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    • As Data Explodes So Do Old Ways Of Doing Business
    • It's What You Do With Data That Makes It "Big"
    • Reset On Big Data And Make It Strategic

      Big Data Scale Changes Business
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