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Rethinking DLP: Introducing The Forrester DLP Maturity Grid

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    Data loss prevention or protection (DLP) remains one of the hottest topics and most difficult challenges among S&R executives today. It's a key technology to help prevent the leakage and exfiltration of toxic data: personal cardholder data, personal healthcare data, personally identifiable information, and intellectual property. However, for every dream deployment, there's a nightmare one. Using client feedback, survey data, and input from security leaders in Forrester's Security & Risk Council, we looked at DLP with a different lens to address common pitfalls and implementation challenges. S&R pros need to approach DLP as an ongoing process, not a product or even a one-time project. We designed this report to help you assess the current state of your DLP efforts against data loss vectors and process maturity. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy, and revised it to factor in new findings and data.
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    • Today, DLP Adoption Continues To Grow But Is Limited In Scope
    • Satisfaction Is Mixed: For Every Success Story, There's A Horror Story
    • DLP Is Not For Everyone: Some Prefer Other Approaches
    • DLP Is Not A Single Product But An Embedded Function
    • For DLP To Be Successful, You Need Well-Defined Processes
    • Assess Your DLP Deployment Using The DLP Maturity Grid
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