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Rich Internet Applications Will Power Online Experiences Of The Future – A C.A.R.S. Report

Rich Interfaces Are Critical For Building CARS Experiences

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    Rich interfaces are frequently used for delivering complex and valuable online experiences. But rich Internet applications (RIAs) have yet to reach their full potential because they are still primarily used as a replacement for existing form-based processes within a page-based metaphor. That's about to change. Although the term "RIA" is likely to fade away from our lexicon in the way "color TV" has, a spectrum of RIA technologies will be key to delivering online experiences that are increasingly customized, aggregated, relevant, and social (CARS). As they look to build online experiences of the future, customer experience professionals should use RIAs for modernizing existing online functionality, building transformative new experiences, and creating emotional connections with users.
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    • Rich Online Interfaces Aren't Just A Passing Fad
    • RIAs Find Their Calling As Key Enablers Of CARS Online Experiences

      Use RIAs To Power Future Online Experiences

      RIAs Will Be Pervasive, But The Term Will Be As Passé As "Color TV"
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