Rick Parrish

Principal Analyst serving Customer Experience PROFESSIONALS

Based in Washington, D.C., Rick serves Customer Experience Professionals in the government and private sector. Rick leads Forrester’s research on CX management maturity, CX vision and strategy, and government CX. His research helps organizations in all industries focus and organize their customer experience ecosystems around CX improvement; he also helps governments overcome the unique challenges they face in developing successful and innovative customer experiences. He has been with Forrester for more than three years.

Previous Work Experience

Rick has more than 15 years of experience in analysis. He was previously an analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency, where he helped pioneer high-profile improvements in the CIA's customer focus and gained an appreciation for the unique hurdles governments face in such efforts. He also earned awards for his rigorous, influential analysis and engagement with a range of senior officials. Prior to his government service, Rick was a professor of political science at Loyola University New Orleans and West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) and director of the political science graduate program at WTAMU.


Rick holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he focused on international relations and political theory.

Rick Parrish's Research

  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report: The State Of CX Management Maturity, 2017

    Organizations that want to provide great customer experience (CX) reliably must master CX management because even a track record of high-quality CX is no guarantee it will continue. Mature CX ma...

  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report: Gauge Your CX Management Maturity

    Customer experience (CX) transformations don't happen by accident. They require a methodical approach that ensures thousands of people can work together to consistently produce the right experie...

  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report: Improving CX Through Business Discipline Drives Growth

    As power shifts from businesses to customers, more firms respond by transforming their customer experience (CX) in an effort to retain or gain market share. That's a rational response because CX...

  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report: Global Customer Experience Trends, 2017

    How good are customer experiences globally? In this report, we use Forrester's Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) data from 2015 and 2016 to reveal CX trends around the world. We dive deep in...

  • For CIOs

    Report: Navigate Trump-Era Uncertainty With The Compass Of Customer Obsession

    US president Donald Trump is heralding or taking actions that will redefine the environment for US-based and global businesses. The administration could fundamentally alter policy, regulations, ...

  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report: The Customer Experience Ecosystem Redefined

    Customer experience (CX) competition is intensifying, and fundamental flaws in ambitious companies' CX ecosystems are thwarting their efforts to differentiate. To help CX professionals better un...

  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report: Drive Differentiation With Your Ecosystem

    To deliver truly standout experiences, companies must align a complex interdependent ecosystem of customers, employees, partners, and operating environments. Forrester calls this the "customer e...

  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report: Reinvent Customer Experience

    A whopping 70% of customer experience (CX) pros say that their firm's goal is to be a CX leader in their industry or across all industries. Despite that, only 1% of companies succeed in deliveri...

  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report: How To Map Your Customer Experience Ecosystem

    Customer interactions are shaped by a complex set of interdependencies that Forrester calls the customer experience ecosystem. In order to make significant and long-lasting customer experience i...

  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report: The US Customer Experience Index, 2016

    How well do leading brands build loyalty with the quality of their customer experience (CX)? We reveal the top performers in the US as well as the specific brands that you need to beat to take o...

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