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    Agile and Lean transformations depend to a great extent on cultivating a good sourcing ecosystem. The decisions you make around the partners and providers supporting your transformation and projects will be at the core of a successful strategy. Your success will be also influenced by the choices you make regarding what software development and delivery tools you will use to support your journey, what collaboration and communication capabilities teams will use (especially if distributed), and the team's physical work space and office layout. Continuous improvement and trust among all parties in your ecosystem depend on these choices; your sourcing ecosystem will need constant review. This report helps you make decisions on how to create an efficient Agile ecosystem for scaling your Agile and Lean adoption: which systems integrators (SIs) and consulting organizations are out there to help you, what types of tools are available to learn Agile and Lean and to be Agile and Lean, and how to deal with other ecosystem components such as office structure, distributed teams, and collaboration tools.
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    • Scaling Agile And Lean Challenges Your Existing Ecosystem
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      Redefine Your Ecosystem To Support Your Agile And Lean Journey
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