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Role Overview: I&O Release Manager

Ensuring Uninterrupted Service Availability And Performance

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    Service management promises to reorganize infrastructure and operations (I&O) to provide better value to the business. But, there's a catch. The service must be designed, transitioned, and delivered in such a way as to satisfy the service consumer. Enter the release manager, who orchestrates the delivery of services by overseeing the seven release life-cycle management phases. The release manager has two distinct responsibilities: process ownership and life-cycle management. These can either form a single role or multiple roles, depending on the size of the company and the frequency of service releases. Regardless, your release managers are a critical component of your services strategy, as they help plan, develop, and manage services. Specifically, release managers ensure that services are built, implemented, and operated with quality in mind.
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      Only One-Third Of Enterprises Have A Formal Release Management Process