Roxana Strohmenger

Director, Data Insights Innovation serving Customer Insights PROFESSIONALS

In her role, Roxana leads the team responsible for all data innovation efforts at Forrester, where they test and seek to understand which data sources, research methodologies, and frameworks are appropriate to help clients gain an intricate, 360-degree view of the consumer. In addition, her team tracks emerging and innovative research methodologies, such as social market research, mobile research, and neuroscience as well as helping clients understand how to incorporate them into their research mix and combine them with traditional research methods.

Roxana has spoken at numerous Forrester events and market-research-focused conferences, such as the Insights Innovation Exchange, The Future of Consumer Intelligence, Market Research in a Mobile World, and The Market Research Event. Her research has been cited in media sources such as AdAge and the UK's Research.

Previous Work Experience

Since she started at Forrester in 2006, Roxana has specialized in advising research and clients on data collection methodologies and on using advanced analytic tools on our Consumer Technographics® data as well as on custom research projects. Prior to her current role, she was an analyst who focused on technology's impact on the market research industry and on Latin American consumer behavior and technology adoption. In addition, she was a senior survey manager and previously a data advisor with Consumer Technographics. In both roles, she used her expertise to deliver value to clients of all industries, from consumer electronics to advertising and media companies, through customized analysis and application of Consumer Technographics data.


Roxana received her B.S. in psychology from The Florida State University and an M.A. in psychology from The College of William and Mary.

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