Ryan Skinner

Senior Analyst serving B2C Marketing PROFESSIONALS

Ryan primarily contributes to Forrester's offerings for B2C Marketing Professionals. He analyzes how brands should develop content and experiences that customers will desire, and even seek out, ultimately building closer relationships with customers that drive preference, advocacy, and loyalty. His research topics include defining a content discovery strategy (with search and social); understanding content consumption and engagement patterns; managing processes and tools for the production and distribution of content and experiences (technologies, agencies, and media partners); and using tools and methodologies that help marketers measure the business impact of content and experiences they have created, and how to continually optimize them.

Ryan is an expert on both content marketing and the analytical sides of content marketing and marketing automation. He regularly delivers speeches and seminars to large organizations on content marketing strategy, production, execution, and measurement.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to Forrester, Ryan worked at London-based Velocity Partners, a specialist and pioneer in content marketing and digital marketing strategy for the B2B market. Prior to that, he worked for 12 years in PR and communications for a number of large Scandinavian corporations, where he focused on digital outreach and engagement, as well as social media and community-building.

An American, Ryan speaks Norwegian fluently, giving him working proficiency in Swedish and Danish. He also speaks French at a conversational level.

Ryan studied at Duke University, where he graduated with a B.A. in English.

Ryan Skinner's Research

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