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Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services management apply enterprise management concepts to SOA's service interface layer, implementing key aspects of SOA-based flexibility by enforcing policy and monitoring activity for service requests before they are delivered to the business logic of the service.


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    Report: Mobile Needs A Four-Tier Engagement Platform

    Mobile is pushing aging web architectures to the brink. The three-tier architecture built for a browser-led PC world can't flex, scale, or respond to the needs of a good mobile experience or the...

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    Report: Brief: Don't Talk To Me About APIs!

    There's a potential pothole in the road to an API-rich business strategy: The term "application programming interfaces (APIs)" is one only a techie can love. The term may obscure the critical ro...

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    Report: Four Ways APIs Are Changing Banking

    Application programming interfaces (APIs) are a critical technology and are reframing the business opportunity within financial services. Digital business strategy executives are ideally placed ...

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    Report: How To Sell API Strategy To Executives

    Just because APIs are important for mobile apps, business agility, and open, dynamic ecosystems doesn't mean they are easy to sell to executives. A big part of the difficulty is that, in many ca...

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    Report: Vendor Landscape: API Strategy And Delivery Service Providers

    Far beyond their usefulness for mobile apps and internal integration, APIs open new angles into business strategy. Even CEOs and chief strategy officers need to pay attention. The strategic impo...

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