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Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services management apply enterprise management concepts to SOA's service interface layer, implementing key aspects of SOA-based flexibility by enforcing policy and monitoring activity for service requests before they are delivered to the business logic of the service.


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    Report: Microservices Have An Important Role In The Future Of Solution Architecture

    With increasing frequency, microservices are appearing in enterprises' efforts to achieve better software architectures, especially among those operating at scale, such as eBay, Google, Netflix,...

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  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: TechRadar™: Integration Technologies, Q2 2015

    Integration technologies are a middleware category of products to develop, maintain, and execute interfaces between applications and databases. The integration domain is a renewed hot topic for ...

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    Report: Brief: Four Ways APIs Are Changing Your Business

    Application programming interfaces (APIs) are perhaps the most critical technology in digital business design. They have the power to unlock new revenue streams, transform how you design and del...

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    Report: A Developer's Guide To Forrester's Strategies For API Success

    In these times of customer empowerment, digital business, and mobile mind shifts, APIs and service-oriented architecture (SOA) form a critical foundation for modern business and applications. Th...

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    Report: How APIs Reframe Business Strategy

    Mobile apps and customer engagement are major drivers for APIs, but there is a more strategic and pervasive reality that should infuse an organization's API strategy and thinking: Done right, AP...

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