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SOC 2.0: Virtualizing Security Operations

Increase Efficiency, Lower Costs, And Improve Security

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    Staffing the traditional security operations center (SOC) is expensive. Forrester anticipates that the SOC will become virtualized in the future, in a next-generation transformation that we call "SOC 2.0." SOC 2.0 will not be a physical place or a projection screen but an enterprisewide, distributed, virtualized information resource that allows security and risk professionals access to the data they need wherever and whenever they need it. Therefore, SOC 2.0 will become virtualized and transition from being a place to a function. The focus on it will also change from security to compliance and will become a service provider to all of IT.
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    • The Days Of SOC 1.0 Are Coming To A Close
    • NOC Transformation Will Hasten SOC 2.0
    • SOC 2.0 Is Virtual
    • Go Social And Extend The Expertise Of Your Virtual SOC

      Virtualize Security Operations To Reap Huge Benefits
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