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SaaS Clients Face Growing Complexity

Large Enterprises Require Due Diligence For Effective SaaS Purchases

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    With adoption of SaaS among both large enterprise and small and medium-size business (SMB) clients on the rise, according to recent data from Forrester's Business Data Services, gone are the days when large corporations could afford to let buyers make software-as-a-service (SaaS) investments without IT's input. This is because integration with other SaaS solutions and legacy systems, along with other factors, makes the involvement of IT increasingly important. Moreover, with increasing use of SaaS and the rapidly evolving SaaS infrastructure, the involvement of sourcing and vendor management professionals is also important to evaluate SaaS solutions with the required due diligence. When executing on this, watch out not only for the challenges and important differences between SaaS and other types of delivery but also for the opportunities that SaaS solutions make possible.
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    • SaaS Continues To Mature — But New Challenges Are Emerging
    • IT Must Bring Rigor To SaaS Decisions Without Stifling Potential For Innovation

      Due Diligence Is Key Before Signing The Contract
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