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Sales Enablement Defined

Sales Enablement Is The Bridge Between Go-To-Market Strategy And Tactical Execution

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    Tectonic forces are at work transforming business relationships away from their traditional dependency on products and services toward a focus on business outcomes and results. Inefficiencies noted within a sales organization are only early warning signs. Left unchecked, these flaws and frictions will eventually wreak havoc on balance sheets. Vendors that understand the fundamental changes at play will evolve their business models to be more holistic and customer-centric and will enjoy higher margins and increased differentiation in the marketplace. Those slow to respond will be relegated to commodity supplier status and forced to drive massive costs out of their selling model to remain cost-competitive and to protect eroding margins. Sales enablement is an emerging, cross-functional discipline designed to bridge the gap between strategy and execution and to accelerate the transformation into a new selling model.
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    • Confronting Change, Vendors Are Adopting New Strategies
    • Executive Mandates Result In An Epidemic Of Uncoordinated Initiatives
    • Random Acts Of Sales Support Undermine The Best-Laid Strategies
    • Sales Enablement Bridges Go-To-Market Strategy And Tactical Execution
    • Implementation And Success Require Cross-Functional Collaboration

      Sales Enablement Emerges As A New Strategic Discipline
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