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Service Providers For Banking Platform Transformation

Being A Systems Integrator Is No Longer Enough

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    Many banks struggle to find the right systems integrator (SI) or service partner to support their banking platform transformation initiative. Forrester talked with six vendors providing transformation services for financial services firms to prepare an overview of their offerings. The outcome? Their transformation service offerings are broad and rich, covering many if not all phases of the transformation life cycle. In many cases, vendors offer transformation tool sets, frameworks, methodologies, and other artifacts to help support transformation. However, vendors often are reluctant to disclose key figures about, for example, their number of pretrained staff members and transf ormation competence centers. Even in these times of global sourcing, banking platform transformation requires local relationships and expertise. For this and other reasons, application development and delivery teams will still need to check key aspects of vendor offerings not disclosed within this report, and vendors should willingly disclose this information to build the relationship.
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