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Services-Led Solutions Reshape The Security Market

Redefining Your Competition, Partners, And Value Proposition When Everyone's A Security Vendor

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    The IT security market is about to undergo a significant transformation toward becoming a services-led market. Several disruptive trends are overwhelming end user IT security practices, and the situation is only getting worse, leading organizations to rethink their entire approach to security. As the complexity for clients grows, vendor strategists must come to recognize that the current discrete, product-led approach to providing security solutions will no longer rule the day. Instead, the market is moving to a services-led business model that bridges and moderates between client business needs and security technology solutions. This shift will challenge security incumbents to realign their products, partnerships, capabilities, and culture in the face of a more business-oriented buyer with different requirements and a different sense of value than the traditional security buyer. At the same time, we will see a more nuanced competitive landscape where service providers and big IT vendors that are more result- and relationship-oriented take increasing ownership over the security customer.
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    • Current End User Security Strategies And Practices Are Not Working
    • Enter Services-Led Security: A New Approach
    • Services-Led Security Will Usher In A New Engagement Model
    • Navigating Success In A Services-Led Security World

      Reposition Yourself Within The New Value Chain

      Services-Led Security Reshapes And Redefines The Market
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      SWOT Analysis For Different Types Of Vendors In Adapting To Services-Led Security