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SharePoint And BI Survey Q&A: The Last Mile To Business Intelligence Users

The Forrester Perspective On SharePoint And Microsoft BI Survey Responses

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    By nature, business intelligence (BI) transforms raw, meaningless data into meaningful, tangible, and actionable information. But successful BI requires multiple components and steps that must be executed in perfect choreography. While the data sourcing, integration, cleansing, and modeling constitute the bulk of the BI effort, no BI project can succeed unless the last mile to the BI user — a portal — is set up, configured, tuned, governed, and managed properly. To gauge the current maturity of the adoption of SharePoint as both a BI tool and portal, Forrester polled 57 BI and portal practitioners in March 2009. Survey results highlight the ongoing conflict between strong adoption momentum and multiple challenges with integration and governance.
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    • 1. What is the mix of SharePoint and BI applications among the survey respondents?
    • 2. How are SharePoint and BI products procured, administered, and governed?
    • 3. For which BI-related applications is SharePoint being used?
    • 4. What are some of the SharePoint and Microsoft BI integration challenges users face?
    • 5. What do users think about Microsoft BI and SharePoint pricing and total cost of ownership (TCO)?
    • 6. What are Forrester's recommendations for implementing SharePoint as a BI tool?