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Sheryl Pattek

VP, Executive Partner

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Forrester's Forum For Marketing Leaders


  • 04:20 PM - 04:50 PM

    Advance From Digital Efficiencies To Digital Experiences

    By 2017, US marketers will spend more on digital marketing than on TV. But marketers who think of digital as just another line item on the media plan will never realize its full brand-building potential. CMOs need to think about digital experiences — not just digital efficiencies — in order to elevate digital from a transactional tool to a relationship building experience. This session will show how:

    • Digital marketing is widely adopted but tactically applied.
    • Lack of strategy and digital skills hold back digital advancement.
    • Marketers must evolve from just maximizing digital efficiencies to creating digital experiences.

Research Focus

Sheryl serves as Forrester’s CMO executive partner, working with CMOs, senior-level marketing executives, and their teams to advance their major initiatives, with a special focus on creating customer-obsessed strategies that drive business growth. As a strategic advisor, she plays the role of “on-call expert,” providing her clients with an objective, external viewpoint to tackle their toughest challenges and capitalize on market opportunities as quickly as possible.

Sheryl works across all of Forrester, bringing research, advisory, consulting, events, and data services together with her marketing expertise to provide the insights CMOs need to successfully navigate and win in the age of the customer.  Key challenge areas she helps CMOs confront include developing and implementing a customer-obsessed operating model; driving digital transformation and innovation; and constructing go-to-market digital and offline strategies based on customer insights.

Sheryl has been named "CMO Whisperer" and "One of 18 People in Marketing You May Not Know . . . but Should," as well as “one of the thirty most influential women in marketing technology.” She is also a recipient of a PRTech Award honoring leading minds of PR, marketing, technology, and media. She is a well-regarded speaker and moderator at venues including Forbes CMO Summit, Ad Age MarTec, The CMO Club, CMO Exchange, Argyle CMO, Direct Marketing Association, Dell World, and Marketing Operations Executive Summit.

Previous Work Experience

Sheryl formerly served as vice president, principal analyst on Forrester's CMO research team. In this role, she helped Forrester clients become customer obsessed by developing customer-insight-based go-to-market strategies that span both digital and traditional channels.

Sheryl has over 30 years of experience leading global marketing organizations for both Fortune 500 and early-stage companies in the logistics, transportation, software, software-as-a-service (SaaS), technology, and telecommunications industries.


Sheryl received her B.A. and M.S. in communications from the University of New Mexico.