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Smart Body, Smart World

Sensors, Algorithms, And Psychology Will Power The Next Phase Of Personal Computing

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    Sensor-laden devices (SLDs) such as wearables and embedded devices — sometimes called "the Internet of Things" — will drive the next phase of growth in personal computing and have the potential to transform how we live and work. But today, most product strategists are prioritizing more-immediate product and service opportunities related to smartphones and tablets. Why? SLDs seem niche today; it's hard for product strategists to quantify the value of the data that sensors capture; and the obstacles to seamless delivery of intelligent experiences are many. But we see the barriers to entering this market falling rapidly as smart product strategists piggyback on already-established mobile ecosystem infrastructure to build compelling products and services. In this report, we will define key scenarios and use cases for SLDs; explain how the "smart body, smart world" promise will become a reality; identify the key success factors of SLDs; analyze how and where these products create value; and describe the consequences of the smart body, smart world transformation in personal computing.
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    • Sensor-Laden Devices Will Transform Personal Computing
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