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Social Co-Creation – A Social Computing Report

Why Product Strategy Professionals Should Leverage Social Technologies To Design And Improve Their Products

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    Social technologies have emerged as a critical tool for consumer product strategy (CPS) professionals. Social co-creation gives CPS professionals the ability to embrace consumers and leverage their insight to improve existing products or create new ones. Social co-creation has relatively low barriers to entry, and if certain concerns are addressed at the outset, it provides the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with engaged consumers, obtain direct customer input throughout the product development life cycle, and mitigate the risk that the product will not meet consumer needs upon launch. When developing a social co-creation strategy, advance planning is critical: Forrester recommends adhering to our POST methodology and recognizing that in these early days of applying social technologies to co-creation efforts, there are few boundaries with which to be concerned.
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    • Social Technologies Matter To Consumer Product Strategy Professionals
    • Successful Co-Creation Engagements Require Thorough Advance Planning

      Make Social Co-Creation Part Of Your Product Strategy
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      Social Co-Creation Aligns With Listening And Embracing Objectives