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Software Innovation In India

How Firms Can Best Capitalize On Software Development And Configuration Opportunities In India

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    The continued economic viability of software development in India, whether by independent software vendors (ISVs) or "captive" business units, depends less on pure labor arbitrage and more on delivering time-to-market advantage for clients. The pressure of meeting business expectations demands that software firms harness creative capability wherever they can find it. Forrester surveyed 28 software firms and interviewed 11 organizations that excel at software innovation and assessed the most important process, organizational, cultural, geographical, and staffing practices that promote software innovation. This report highlights how software development in India is driving business technology (BT) innovation for firms with long-established legacy applications, shows the success factors that firms undertaking software development in the country are harnessing, and presents Forrester's software innovation maturity model, which software firms in India can use to refine their innovation strategy.
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    • The State Of Software Innovation In India
    • Assess The Maturity Of Your Software Innovation Business In India

      The Most Successful Software Firms Excel At Disruptive Innovation
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