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Software Pricing And Licensing Trends 2011

Software Sourcing Leaders Should Create Sourcing Strategies That Take Advantage Of Profound Changes In The Software Market

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    In 2011, Forrester expects to see major changes in the pricing and licensing approaches of traditional software providers. Increasing tension between vendors' insatiable demands for revenue and buyers' pressing need to cut non-value-adding maintenance expense, coupled with technology changes such as cloud and mobility, will force publishers to update some long-standing policies. This report identifies the forces driving a revolution in the world of software pricing and licensing and the changes that will result. Sourcing professionals can take advantage of these trends and at the same time nurture and encourage them to become more widespread.
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    • In 2011, Buyers Can Nurture Four Nascent Software Licensing Trends
    • Software Giants' Insatiable Need For Growth Conflicts With Buyers' Goals
    • But Now, Four Winds Of Change Bring Sourcing Professionals New Power
    • Sourcing Professionals Can Encourage Four Positive Licensing Trends

      A Formal Sourcing Strategy Can Help You Leverage These Trends

      Software Giants That Embrace These Trends Will Gain Market Share
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