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Solving The Cross-Sell Imperative In Financial Services

Moving Beyond Desire To Actually Get Customers To Buy More

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    The goal of cross-selling additional products to consumers is the mantra of every business executive, regardless of industry. But in financial services, it has been mostly an elusive goal: A good portion of consumers are open to buying multiple products from a single provider, but very few actually do. On average, consumers own nearly nine financial products but own just 2.5 of them with any single firm. Product executives must understand that to effectively cross-sell, their firm must be considered an advocate, have a strong relationship pricing strategy, and develop an outreach program that lets potential one-stop shoppers understand the benefits of having a broader relationship with their firm in terms they care about.
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    • Few Consumers Have Broad Relationships With Their Financial Service Provider
    • Excelling At Cross-Sell Involves Understanding The Nuances Of Selling

      Four Elements Providers Must Consider To Ensure Cross-Sell Success
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