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Navigating The Centralized Versus Localized Approach

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    Today's global eBusiness executives are struggling to organize eBusiness operations that effectively support increasing international revenues. Companies have experimented with a variety of approaches but are largely settling on a centralized organizational structure with a team that has global responsibilities rather than one in which responsibilities are distributed among different local offices. The challenge with this model is ensuring that local needs are met by the online offering — international markets are littered with the remains of foreign businesses that went belly up after failing to understand the demands of different audiences. To make centralization work, eBusiness executives must build in processes to gain insight into local markets and to ensure that local input is solicited when making decisions that affect the entire business.
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    • Technology Advances And Budget Concerns Drive A Centralized Approach
    • Local Office Input Into Technology And Customer Insight Is Critical

      Be Creative In Soliciting Local Input From Internal And External Resources
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      Global eBusinesses Are Looking To A New Model Of Centralization