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Start To Play With Social Gamers – A Social Computing Report

Social Gaming Provides A Ripe Marketing Opportunity

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    Eighty-four percent of US interactive marketers have no plans to use games in their 2011 marketing strategies, making social gaming a large, untapped opportunity for marketers. Marketers should start to take note from the marketers who are investing and reaping rewards as social games offer a diverse audience whose size rivals that of network TV audiences. By balancing brand interaction with rewards like game currency, social gaming provides myriad value-exchange marketing options to marketers that place their brands in front of engaged consumers. Forrester recommends that B2C brands targeting Gen Xers and Yers find games contextually relevant to your audience, outline your objectives, identify key metrics, and start to play!
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    • Social Game Advertising Is A Missed Marketing Opportunity
    • How To Play With Social Gamers

      How To Plan Your Social Gaming Strategy
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      Social Gamers Straddle Between Average Adults And Other Types Of Gamers

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      Marketers Can Reach Broad Audiences In Social Games