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Starting Your eCommerce Business In China

Identifying The Right Option For Your B2C eCommerce Business

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    China has become the leading emerging market for many Western brands and retailers. Attractive due to the scale and growth of the retail market, many companies view China as both a near-term opportunity for growth and a critical long-term strategic market. But selling direct-to-consumer online is still very tricky to navigate in China. While the challenges associated with entering China are similar to other emerging markets, it has some unique obstacles to navigate. In addition, domestic eCommerce solution providers are still honing their capability to work with Western companies, and foreign service providers are largely just setting up shop. This report explores the options a non-Chinese brand or retailer has in starting an eCommerce business in China.
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    • Why Companies Want To Launch eCommerce In China Now
    • eCommerce In China Offers Unique Challenges
    • Four Key Options For Launching An eCommerce Business In China

      Start Simple And Be Patient As You Launch An Online Business In China
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