Steven Wright

Senior Analyst serving B2B Marketing PROFESSIONALS

Serving B2B Marketing Professionals with a focus on sales enablement, Steven targets how new technologies and practices can better equip sellers to focus on customers' needs. His research looks for the intersection of technology and methodology to help clients better enable their sellers to improve customer understanding via information, analytics, and prescriptive actions that improve sales while providing feedback for improving enablement, sales processes, and the solutions being sold.

With over 20 years of experience in sales enablement, training, and enablement in the high-tech sector, Steven has created and delivered the tools, content, and training focused on improving sellers' skills at all levels for sales groups ranging from 300 to over 17,000 sellers.

Previous Work Experience

Before joining Forrester, Steven focused on sales enablement for a worldwide sales audience at IBM for both specialized and cross-brand sellers. He managed events and programs and partnered with all levels of marketing, product, and sales management in producing seller-centered deliverables. Prior to that, he founded and managed a sales enablement group at Candle, later acquired by IBM.

As part of delivering sales enablement and working with sellers and customers, Steven has spoken at hundreds of face-to-face and virtual events around the world on how to better sell specific solutions and engage with customers.


Steven has a Bachelor of Arts in literature from Claremont McKenna University.

Steven Wright's Research

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    Report: Brief: Sales Enablement Automation Needs A Platform

    In the age of the customer, managing and improving the customer experience is key to maintaining loyalty and increasing revenue whether you're business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business ...

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