Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization abstracts logical volumes from physical storage devices and presents these logical volumes to applications. This abstraction layer exists within single subsystems (e.g., HP EVA) or spans multiple physical subsystems, allowing administrators to create logical volumes across several devices.

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  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    REPORT: Vendor Landscape: Software-Defined Data Centers

    The SDDC Is Still A Work In Progress, But Progress Is Swift

    September 1, 2016Robert Stroud, Richard Fichera

    To meet needs arising from the unprecedented acceleration of the digital business, infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals are shifting their attention from physical infrastructure to software abstractions of the operational stack: infrastructure and applications together. Software models, automation, and hardware all come together to effectively scale. As a single product, the software-defined data center (SDDC) has proven elusive, but as an aspirational goal, it's shaping the way that customers consume infrastructure. In this report, we highlight the multiple vendors that are stepping up to the challenge in different categories.

  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    REPORT: Brief: VMworld 2015 Reveals A Disruptor In Transition

    VMware Woos Cloud-Native Developers In Its Quest To Overcome Its Innovator's Dilemma

    October 1, 2015 Lauren E. Nelson, Dave Bartoletti, Charlie Dai, David K. Johnson, Andre Kindness, Christopher Mines

    VMware recently revealed the direction that it's heading at its annual VMworld conference. In 2013, VMware announced its pursuit of three complementary product strategies for the BT agenda: 1) extension of virtualization to the fully software-defined data center; 2) launch of a public cloud service; and 3) a richer end user computing suite. These strategies were aimed at helping VMware's core infrastructure and operations (I&O) professional customers and its new targets: developers, business groups, and C-level executives. The new Photon Platform, vSphere Integrated Containers, and the NSX network overlay VMware unveiled at VMworld 2015 are concrete steps toward winning new champions, but VMware isn't there yet.

  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    REPORT: Brief: The Software-Defined Data Center Is Still A Work In Progress

    Four Recommendations For Embarking On Your SDDC Journey

    August 27, 2014Richard Fichera

    To accelerate business growth, infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals must understand and ultimately master four key I&O-related trends: 1) continually consolidate and optimize the technology infrastructure; 2) focus on business technology (BT) resiliency and availability; 3) integrate hybrid cloud into the existing portfolio; and 4) simplify and automate via a software-defined data center (SDDC) strategy. This report is a follow-up to Forrester's November 12, 2012, "The Software-Defined Data Center Is The Future Of Infrastructure Architecture" report. It incorporates Forrester's recommendations for I&O professionals responsible for developing, implementing, and procuring the technology infrastructure to support the systems of engagement that companies need to win, serve, and retain increasingly empowered customers. To meet ever rising customer expectations, organizations must ensure that their technology infrastructure is clearly aligned to business strategy. This report highlights how the SDDC will affect enterprises and cloud service providers (CSPs) and what steps you should take to ensure that you are building toward this flexible vision of infrastructure engineering.

  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    REPORT: Market Overview: Software-Only Storage

    Your Next Array Should Be An Application

    August 1, 2014Henry Baltazar

    Hardware appliances have dominated the enterprise data storage landscape for decades, but storage is not immune from the software-defined transformation taking place in data centers. With momentum building for converged server and storage architectures, it is the right time for infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals to evaluate software-only storage offerings running on commodity hardware. This market overview delves into the emergence of software as an alternative to hardware appliances and gives a detailed overview of 15 vendors' software-only storage offerings.

  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    REPORT: Quick Take: Dell's Nutanix Partnership Escalates The Hyperconvergence Vendor War

    Witness The Beginning Of A New Era In Infrastructure Convergence

    June 24, 2014Henry Baltazar

    Dell's new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnership with hyperconvergence pioneer Nutanix adds a disruptive element to its portfolio that will help you design and deliver services more easily and more quickly. It should also trigger a competitive response from its long-time server and storage vendor rivals. This is the first major infrastructure move Dell has made since the completion of its leveraged buyout (LBO) in October 2013, and it reflects Dell's willingness to provide an alternative to its branded storage for virtualization environments.

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