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Strategy Deep Dive: Imbibing Macs In The Enterprise

Apple Mac Shops Share Their Secrets For Success

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    Chances are that you have employees using Apple Macs at your firm today, and they're doing this without the support and guidance of the infrastructure and operations (I&O) organization. IT consumerization has put an end to the days of one operating system (OS) to support. For I&O pros, this change carries new concerns about security, potential information loss, and unexpected support needs, to name a few. Forrester has found that IT organizations struggle in building a support and management strategy for Macs that works. This report focuses on how to put a plan in place to incorporate Macs into your organization and is a companion to Forrester's workforce computing strategy and bring-your-own-computer (BYOC) strategy research for I&O professionals.

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    • Conventional PC Management Approaches Won't Work For Macs
    • A Rational BYOC Program Paves The Way For Mac Adoption
    • A Basic Approach Opens Up Email And Limited Network Access To Macs
    • An Advanced Approach Enables Fully Trusted And Managed Macs
    • Provide A Windows Environment For Those Who Need It

      Don't Force Fit Your Historical Approach To Macs
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