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Strong Partners Are Key To Successful BI Initiatives

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    Business intelligence (BI) initiatives are unlike most other enterprise software projects. They do not fit well into the traditional software development life cycle (SDLC), and are notoriously difficult to outsource. Even though many enterprises have adopted some kind of data management reference architecture, BI is still very much an art. Successful initiatives are all about best practices and lessons learned that only come with years of experience. Therefore, selecting the right BI professional services partner is one of the most important keys to successful BI initiatives. Also remember that BI is never a project, but rather a journey. So pick your partners with extra care — you might be stuck with them for a long time!
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    • BI Is Now Front And Center On Most Enterprises' Agendas
    • Strong Professional Services Partners Are Critical To BI Implementation Success

      BI Is A Journey, Never Just A Project
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