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Sudhir Kanvinde


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    Mr. Sudhir Kanvinde is a highly experienced professional with more than 21 years of IT experience, which includes 15-plus years of SAP experience in all stages of implementation and support. He has completed several end-to-end SAP implementations and has extensive experience in software development, SAP technical, operations management, vendor management, methodology/process development, staff leadership, consulting, mentoring, customer relations, and cross-functional team leadership. He is recognized as a result-oriented individual who provides leadership and customized technological solutions that significantly build corporate profitability.

    He has expertise in executing complex multi-site projects, handling data centers, planning ITS (Intelligent Transport System), and business process optimization. He has handled projects in industries such as pharma, electrical and electronic engineering, transportation service, financial services, and publishing in various capacities from senior consultant to project and program management. He also has international experience (Siemens) and has worked in the UK, Germany, and the US.

    Recently Sudhir received the Edge award for fastest implementation of SAP across 27 business units, 12 O&M sites, three project sites, and HR.

    He is currently CIO with IL&FS Transportation Networks.