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Take Control Of Your Content

How To Identify Nonessential Clutter To Safeguard And Make The Most Of The Content That Matters

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    There's probably a lot of junk digital content in your enterprise that no one feels ready or authorized to delete. Redundant and unnecessary information sloshes around in content management systems and circulates through email. Unmanaged content can reduce information worker productivity and expose organizations to enormous legal risks. To launch (or simply build a case for) an information governance initiative, content and collaboration (C&C) professionals need a map of what content is out there. Where do content risks and content opportunities lie? This report describes how to appraise the value of your enterprise content and optimize its use to support key business goals.
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    • More Storage: A Short-Term Tactic To Manage Your Excess Content
    • Once You Know What Content Is About, You Can Begin To Govern It
    • How To Pick The Right Assessment Methodology

      Manage Content Proactively
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