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Talking To Your CFO About Cloud Computing

Cloud-Based Services' Pay-As-You-Go Model Works In Good Times And Bad

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    Even in a downturn, companies must get real work done. And that means, for example, that information and knowledge management professionals must still roll out collaboration applications, particularly if travel budgets are slashed. But in capital-constrained times, the upfront cash outlay and financial risk of on-premise solutions can prevent many projects from being funded. Fortunately, cloud-based collaboration service providers offer a cash-flow-friendly alternative to on-premise installation for projects including email overhauls, wiki workspaces, and Web conferencing. And cash-flow-friendly is a concept that every chief financial officer (CFO) will understand.
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    • Cloud Computing Offers Three Business Benefits
    • A Pay-As-You-Go Model Is Key In Crunch Times
    • New Terms In Cloud-Based Service Contracts

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