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Tap The Potential Of "YouTube For The Enterprise" – A Social Computing Report

New Video Platforms Safely Bring YouTube Benefits To The Enterprise

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    Information workers have been posting confidential videos to YouTube because they've had few alternatives. Fortunately, in the past few months, three vendors — Google, Microsoft, and Veodia —have introduced services or products for securely hosting videos with enterprise access controls. These services give information and knowledge management professionals a way to harness the power of corporate and employee-generated video to teach, inspire, and capture knowledge. This report introduces the business scenarios, platform checklist, and vendors for employee-generated video.
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    • Consumer-Generated Video Is A Phenomenon
    • Employee-Generated Video Could Be A Phenomenon, Too
    • Video Lets 1,000 Points Of Knowledge Shine
    • Enterprise-Focused Vendors Are Ready To Help
    • Setting Expectations: Slow And Steady

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