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Tech Horizons: ASG's metaCMDB, The Technology That Rocks

How To Optimize Your Path To A Configuration Management System

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    The challenging business climate is an opportunity for many enterprises to revisit how IT supports the need for improved business productivity. Better, more efficient IT is often required. This streamlining of IT demands better and more accurate IT management processes in order to reduce waste. This is predicated on a better understanding of the way business services are run and delivered. To that end, the concept of a configuration management database (CMDB) as a central figure for Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and business service management (BSM) has captured everyone's attention. As many organizations found out, implementing a CMDB is a difficult project and often an ill-defined one. Allen Systems Group's (ASG's) metaCMDB — based on Rochade, its leading metadata repository — brings a unique technology to the world of CMDB. The promise is an easier, stepped implementation that clears the pathway for creating a federated configuration management system (CMS) as defined by ITIL.
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    • Tech Horizons: Evaluating Emerging Technologies
    • What's A CMDB And Why Do We Need One Anyway?
    • The Potential CMS Market
    • The ASG Solution
    • The ASG Solution Is On Fire
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