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Tech Horizons: Keynote Systems' Test And Measurement Services

Managing The Online Experience

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    Since 1995, Keynote Systems has developed a set of management service solutions for the Web experience that help firms reduce downtime and monitor performance. Managing the online experience has grown in importance as the Net becomes a ubiquitous business/communication tool. The diversity of Web-capable devices is one of the most spectacular developments. Keynote brings a broad range of innovative services to the end user experience monitoring market. Over time, Keynote has augmented its basic testing and measurement services from pure desktop/laptop-based ones to mobile devices. It has branched out to provide services to not only the business but also to service providers. Finally, it has now opened the door to streaming media and voice. Keynote also innovates through its "open" services: KITE (Keynote Internet Testing Environment) and MITE (Mobile Interactive Testing Environment) are services available from the end user desktop that evaluate a Web site from the perspective of a computer or mobile device. The ease of use and the value of quasi-instant evaluation should accelerate the time-to-market of Web apps for a number of enterprises.
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