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Tech Horizons: dynaTrace, When BTM Meets APM

A Solution That Bridges Business Transaction Monitoring And Application Performance Management

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    We live in a complex world. Growth in computing power, storage, and bandwidth is exponential. The direct consequence is that IT and business services have grown tremendously in size, diversity, and complexity. What could be managed in competency silos a few years ago by a team of skilled engineers is now way beyond what a human mind can comprehend. To maintain the quality of service expected by the business and contain escalating costs, IT needs help. IT management tools and especially application performance management (APM) and business transaction monitoring (BTM) tools should provide this help by pre-analyzing problems and issues so that engineers can resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible. dynaTrace is one of these tools that give multiple IT constituencies a better view of applications and their performances, which leads to better service quality from application inception to production.
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