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Tech Vendors Are Only Now Realizing The Full Implications Of SaaS

Product Management Is At The Center Of Changes To Business Models And Innovation

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    Software-as-a-service (SaaS) may be a familiar part of the tech industry landscape, but tech vendors are only recently fully realizing the profound changes that SaaS demands. Tech vendors that saw themselves as highly successful innovators suddenly feel the rug pulled from beneath them. SaaS changes the innovation process, while at the same time exposing how poorly vendors understood the adoption necessary to make innovation successful. At the same time, SaaS also changes a tech vendor's business model, forcing reappraisals of pricing, revenue streams, marketing, and other core elements of company strategy beyond product development. Responsible for making sure that the technology and business sides of a technology company both succeed, product managers and product marketers (PMs) play an increasingly critical role in a SaaS world.
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    • SaaS Innovation Is Not Like Other Tech Innovation
    • SaaS Moves the Innovation Focus To Adoption
    • A Business Model, Not A Delivery Mechanism

      SaaS Shows That Innovation Depends More On Agility Than Speed
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