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Tech Vendors Supporting Agile Must Be Adaptive

Flexibility Is The No. 1 Requirement For Agile-Focused Products And Services

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    Increasing Agile adoption has expanded opportunities for technology vendors that offer products and services supporting Agile. However, a bigger market is also a more diverse market. In the process of entering the mainstream of development practices, Agile has adapted to fit a variety of circumstances, making it impossible to talk about Agile adoption in terms of a single correct starting point, end point, or path in between. Organizations also have different motives for adopting Agile, so the help that vendors provide must address each customer's definition of success. Agile is a relatively new discipline, so customers are eager to get help from vendors, as long as the products and services provided make sense in the customer's terms.
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    • Tech Vendors Must Support Diversity Among Agile Adoptions
    • Motives Are Always Mixed
    • Business Benefits Require Business People
    • Expertise Provides Answers, Not Oratory
    • Discipline Defines What Customers Will Be Doing Differently Tomorrow

      People Figuring Out Agile Have Enough On Their Minds Already
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