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TechRadar™: Business Technology Monitoring, Q3 2013, Part 1 Of 5

To Become A True Business Partner, Focus Investment On Customer-Centric Monitoring Technologies

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    The monitoring technology market is awash with solutions, marketing acronyms, best practices, and the promise of "proactive" technology management. For many enterprise IT organizations, this remains an elusive promise due to rapid rises in business and technology complexity. On top of this, enterprise IT leaders are shifting from an "aligned IT" to an "empowered BT" archetype to better support internal business capabilities and fuel digital offerings for external customers. To stay competitive, monitoring strategies must address critical business processes, services, and applications. This TechRadar report is the first of five that examine 18 categories of business technology monitoring solutions that are most relevant to both the aligned IT and empowered BT archetypes. Use these reports to understand why business technology monitoring matters, what categories of technology to consider, and the maturity and business value of these solutions as you assemble your business technology monitoring road map.
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    • IT Monitoring Technologies Have Failed To Deliver On Their Promises
    • Why The Future Of Business Technology Monitoring Matters
    • Overview: TechRadar For Business Technology Monitoring
    • Realize That The Value Of BT Monitoring Depends On Your IT Archetype

      Adopt A Holistic, Business-Centric Approach To Monitoring

      Monitoring Strategy Is A Foundational Element Of Empowered BT
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