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TechRadar™ For BP&A Professionals: Financial Management Applications, Q2 2009

Essential Business Needs Drive High Levels Of Value And Adoption

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    Financial management applications range from essential and ubiquitous tools for accounting and financial reporting to specialized solutions for optimizing process efficiency and cash flow. Compliance is a major requirement underlying several of the solutions, driving equilibrium levels of adoption and maturity in areas including accounting, financial reporting, and tax compliance. Growth of several technologies is being driven by business needs to forecast and maintain profitability to repel the lingering effects of the economic downturn. Relatively new solutions for accounts payable automation, internal controls monitoring, and financial transparency via XBRL are looking for mainstream acceptance. None of the 12 financial management applications technologies examined in this TechRadar has reach a declining stage, since financial process execution and compliance requirements will persist for the long-term.
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    • The State Of Plans For Financial Management Applications
    • Why The Future Of Financial Management Applications Matters
    • Overview: Forrester's TechRadar For Financial Management Applications
    • TechRadar: Tough Economic Times Drive Higher Financial Apps Adoption

      Build Your Financial Apps Strategy From The Process Owner Perspective
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