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TechRadar™ For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals: Cloud Computing, Q4 2011

Maturity, Acquisitions, And Enterprise Experience Drive Cloud Use Forward

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    With interest in and priority for investment in cloud rising, concern and challenges remain regarding what is (and isn't) a cloud computing service and which options are safe, mature choices. To help organizations avoid falling victim to marketing claims that all things web and Internet are now cloud, Forrester has identified a few key characteristics that differentiate a true cloud-based service from what has come before it. Forrester defines cloud computing as a standardized IT capability (services, software, or infrastructure) delivered via Internet standard technologies in a pay-per-use, self-service way. In this update to our original 2009 TechRadar, we have identified and updated 11 service categories that fall into three classes of cloud services: 1) software you rent; 2) application services and platforms — middleware components that help developers construct cloud-based applications; and 3) infrastructure services and platforms that are places to deploy cloud applications. We then mapped these cloud service categories according to their maturity and value to help you build your strategic road map of cloud services to add to your IT portfolio.
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    • It's Time To Get To Yes On Cloud — But Get There The Right Way
    • Understanding The SPI Model
    • Overview: TechRadar For Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Computing TechRadar: Some Categories Are Maturing Rapidly

      Be Strategic About Which Services You Choose For Which Purposes
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