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TechRadar™ For eBusiness And Channel Strategy Professionals: Social Commerce, Q1 2010 – A Social Computing Report

Which Social Tools Make The Most Sense For Web Businesses And Why

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    Forrester's TechRadar is a framework that helps decision-makers prioritize investments in the tools and technologies that underlie a given discipline. Social commerce, which comprises the social technologies that play a role in the sale of products to consumers, is an emerging area of interest and investment. Surveys of retailers and interviews with social commerce thought leaders shaped the evaluation of several technologies that support social commerce. While customer ratings and reviews represent a breakaway success story among the world of social commerce technologies, this document also evaluates other popular areas of investment or discussion, such as blogs, social network pages, and virtual worlds.
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    • The State Of Plans For Social Commerce
    • Why The Future Of Social Commerce Matters
    • Overview: TechRadar For Social Commerce
    • Social Commerce TechRadar: Experiments Abound, And Hope Is High

      It's Okay To Be A Follower When Planning A Social Commerce Strategy
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      TechRadar™: Social Commerce, Q1 '10

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